Hot Viper

As an automotive photographer in Miami, I have heard a lot of wild ideas from clients but this one was special. When a firefighter tells me, I want fire incorporated on the photos.  While researching for ideas I ran into the same looking fire photos over and over again. They looked boring and overdone.  So, what do we do? Do I tell the client: “It’s been done many times before, it doesn’t always work out?” Or do we go for overkill?

I like a challenge and decided to go for overkill.  I made a couple of calls and find a Fire Dancer in the  Miami area.  Someone that knows what they are doing around fire. The idea behind the concept? Make the fire dance around the car.

So, we get to working, on a hot and humid Miami night, we meet in an open area. Where nothing can catch on fire. And we let the magic happen.

After 3 hours in the hot humid Miami night, dealing with really hot fire, we ended up with some images that are quite unique. As we combine fire and the sexy lines of a Dodge Viper. Please, follow the button below to see the rest of the photos.